path to uv textures > get rid of the pink

Hi all,

I’m working on a 3D game and we are a team of three ppl who work on models. We found, that blender stores the path to the UV-textures by default absolute (e.g. /home/martin/3d/textures/ instead of just textures/). That usually leads to pink color instead of decent UV textures when I press ALT-Z. If i want to see the textures, I have to select the faces and then chose the image again. But this is not a solution.

How can I change this? I did it one time by accident, because with one of our models I can see the UV-textures no matter where the directory (with textures and blend-file in it) is located. So it must be possible.

But how?


what you want is to pack the image into the .blend file. search for the small “package” icon in the image window.


btw., as long as directory structures are kept (which is ALWAYS a good idea during a project) things work perfectly. however when swapping files via mail and such this can’t work :wink:

Aah. Thank you very much. This is a solution to live with. Just because I am curious: is this the only way to avoid those absolute file paths?


You can’t use the filebrowser for this directly, but if you type the filename in the box directly you can start it with // to make it a relative path, eg //textures/picture.png

However, the UV editor doesn’t have a filename box, just the usual datablock dropdown. So what you have to do is add an image texture to something and use the // path in the file box there. This will add the image to the dropdown box in the UV editor. A bit longwinded perhaps, but what more do you expect for an undocumented feature?