path turtorial

I am looking for a basic path tutorial. i would like to send a object from one side of the screen to the other. I want it to start outside the screen and goes through the screen to the other side on the outside of the screen. this is why i called the file below SCANNER 1.

I have followed a couple of tutorials, yet still I am lost. can someone help me and tell why the object is not following the path.

Thank You

This really shouldn’t be in the modeling section.

tis cold e done by using insert frame only

do you need to do this with a path ?

Here is a pretty good tutorial on objects following a path:

As for this thread, the section of the forum used to discuss this area is “Animation”. Modeling is usually for creating the topology of objects and meshes.

And as was also said, if your object needs to move in a relatively straight line, key framing over time is probably the way you want to go. Objects following a path are usually used when the path is complex or better drawn as a curve as opposed to key framing.


Like everyone has suggested. Key frame the start point, find the end time you want, move your object set key frame, done.