Pathfollowing, navmesh, whatever?

How do you make something follow a specific path? Like say a animal following a trail. I looked at all kind of youtube videos ,but haven’t found anything.

Make a object that represents the path, ensure it is wider than the radius of the agent*2

In the scene tab, use the navmesh options to generate a navmesh from your path object.

Typically I use the path object to create the physics shapes as well.

after generation use a steering actuator to navigate the path or use python to access the steering actuator to get the navmesh, and do navmesh.findPath() yourself and act on the list it returns accordingly.

Ok, so the last few days I’ve played with this some. I was trying to figure out the best way to create my “trails”. What I came up with is using grease pencil to draw em, convert to curve, using array and curve modifier with using a plane as my mesh. What causes a navmesh not to work? Sometimes it will work and other times I can’t get it too.

Make a mesh like the path you want.

Then go to Properties window --> Scene (The third button as shown below)

and click “Make navigation mesh” .

It becomes navigation mesh and you can use it in “Steering” actuators.

To make a path-style navigation mesh, start with a plane. Then extrude its sides and get something like this =

From my experience, usually navmesh problems is because your object’s dimensions do not follow the “agent’s” dimensions in the navmesh
parameters and / or the object (agent) is too big to go through the colored areas. Also, when your agent turns around a corner, there must be ample room to do it, otherwise it gets stuck or does not even attempt to make the turn.


  1. Try to give it ample room at first

  2. Then gradually make the navmesh smaller, while testing every time you change something.

Im sorry but this is the best advice I can give you. I wish you success!

Do you want to follow a path that is known, or do you want to find a path and follow it?

this is work with five or 10 objects but if you have many objects in world level forget dont work i try and dont have a sucess with good stering and mavmesh

they dont invest in BGE