For the last few months ive been creating Artwork for my best mate’s band, Pathonax. Id love to know what you guys think of it. please check out their myspace


no-one has any opinions whatsoever?

It’s dark but that’s good thing especially for the naked guy chained to the wall. The first image reminds me of Castle Wolfenstine, the middle one like some thing you see on tee shirt and the last one Mortal Kombat.

Agree with ^.

Yeah, give that second render some more dramatic lighting, and re-post it.

thanks for the replies. im not quite sure what you mean by dramatic lighting. i think its quite atmospheric myself, could you explain more please?

Uh, yeah. More exposure on the light source’s side, and darker shadows on the opposite. More contrast, basically. But don’t just go in photoshop and increase the contrast, no, no.

Change the lighting a little bit. Like, increase the energy of the light you have hitting the character, and make sure it can cast shadows, and then be sure to use AO, if you’re not already.

But I do like the atmosphere you have created, I just think it could be a little better.

Oh, and do you use nodes? If so, use the defocus node and bring the character into focus so the foreground will be out of focus. That would add to your image, too.