paths on a surface?

trying to make vines on a wall.

is there a way that I can get a path or a bezier curve to “stick” to the surface of the wall while I move the points to make it look more organic? without going into the wall. like restricting the movement to not go past a point.

I plan on using bezier curves for the vines then lofting a circle or some shape onto the curve.

maybe you could use the IvyGenerator… (

Path are curves. If 3D they can be ‘retopoed’ to a surface.
Like for the meshes, the more vertices the better the precision.
Also, since Retopo relies on the OpenGL camera (a.k.a. ‘viewport camera’) precision is greatly enhanced by setting the Clip Start and Clip End point in View > View Properties panel as close to one another as possible while still seeing the surface where to project the curve.


thanks for the replies. I’ll check out the ivy generator that look like it will do What I’m trying to do… without all the work. but I’ll try the retopo suggestion on the current file before I use the ivy gen