Paths to files (image etc) used in blender

Hi all, We use lots of video files in blender video sequencer. If I want to move this to a different machine, the blend file no longer works correct because the avi files in the video sequencer no longer points to the correct files. I need to delete all those add the avi files again. Is there a way for me to be able to move the blend file across machines without really packing the avi files with it? I dont want to pack because the blend file becomes too big. Thanks for the help.

put all of your videos in a sub folder to where your blend is and then use relative paths when you save your blend… then all you need to do is have the same sub folder on the new machine

hi Paprmh. Thanks for the reply. Can you also please tell me how do I save using relative paths. Thanks much again.

you check on “relative path” button on the header of the file browser when opening a file …

Ohh… Thanks much. This is very helpful.

Also in your output panel, use the // to indicate the location where the blend file is loaded from to keep those three fields relative as well.