PathsOfWarfare recruiting 3D Artists!

Our Project is looking for 2-3 3D Artists for Characterdesign and Leveldesign!

Paths of Warfare is an RTS/MOBA game which will be finished to the state of an MVP at february. We got an advertise agreement with a known publisher, because he likes the concept, and thats why we want to also increase the quality of optical presence. Right now the crew exists out of 1 Artist (Sound Design) and 5 Programmers (3 of them will quit the project at february, so the team rebuild a bit. Every person, that participates on the project furthermore, will recieve % ownership of the project and its future incomes. (more detail in personal conversation)
The Projekt is an objective based RTS Game, in an Arena-Style type of play. The optical genre would fit in an Medeval/Fantasy type of style.
For detailed information into the concept and some ingame footage please feel free to contact me.

Skype: drushbeats
Email: [email protected]

With best regards,
the Paths of Warfare Team

there has to be a voluntary work. I find it very interesting

if there are more interested people, feel free to contact me!

Hey there. Two years ago I started animating but I’ve had to break of 6 months. I’d like to start getting back into animation more and I’d like to join a project that’s happy to let me take part. I was wondering if maybe you’d let me help (trust me it’s fine if you don’t after all your project seems to be really good). I still remember how to animate but I’d just have to get the hang of it again. Hope you reply :slight_smile:

Auch, ich sah dass du österreichisch bist. Sprichst du Deutsch(weil ich es lerne jetzt)?

We are still looking for 3d artists!