paticle hair bug??

Not sure where to post this question so if it is the wrong section sorry. When i make hair
i can’t see the vertices Let me tell you what i do and maybe someone can see what i am doing wrong. After i make my emiter I go to particles, add new, from emitter menu i choose hair, The amount and segments i will just keep defaults. I choose random, and even buttons, now i am all set i click on set editable button making it free edit, next i go into particle mode. At this point i should have strands of hair with vertices at each segment, instead i just get black strands, which can be shaped as well. Why no vertices? A bug maybe? Since i alreadyasked one question i will ask one more about how to control color on hair. i have done this having problems with it no matter what i try. can someone give me a quick step by step to controlling the color?


There’s a button in the header for vertices.
For color, make a material on the emitter mesh and then in the particle buttons, select col and move the spinner to the correct material index.