First post in a while. Been far far too busy at work. Finally got an afternoon off. Let me know what you think.

EDIT: put in new, updated, pic.


I must say, this is a touching image, MonkMonk.
On the technical side, the playing cards look real and tangible, and the table feels solid. The modeling of the monkey is also well done, and I have to say, he/she is very cute.
Images like this always strike a chord in me, and I feel compelled to comment and say good job!

Is the monkey plush or stone? At first I was sure it’s stone, but after a closer look I wasn’t so sure any longer :). You could insert elements that makes it more obvious imho.
Overall it’s fantastic, very simple scene but very meaningful.

Thanks guys. It’s one of a few soft toy monkeys that are in the room that my computer is. i didn’t know what to do so i modelled the first thing i saw. I’ll try and make him look softer, maybe after the next release of Blender.


The cards look absolutely real.
The table has too much bump map.
The monkey needs hair urgently to make it muppet like. Try several systems of hair, one very short and only 1 segment or so and very great number of them to fill the whole mesh. Then the other/others layes of hair, longer and less number than the fur.

This might just be my personal preference, but I feel like the lighting in this scene should be a warmer like the background. Everything else is nice.

Thanks for the comments guys, as always: a project is never really finished… I’ve updated the scene and made a few (hopefully) improvements based on the comments. I’ve kept the original for comparison.