Patina / stain

Yesterday I finished modelling a sword:

What I want to do for the grip material is have a darker brown cloud texture embedded in the grooves, fading out to the solid bone color in the middle of the sections. Anyone know how to do this?

Use a black and white stencil texture mapped to have the white part where the grooves are.

Here’s the effect I’m going for, which I added in Photoshop. I’m hoping this is possible without UV mapping or anything like that, but still completely within Blender. The grip isn’t a spiral, it’s a subsurfed and proportional edited cylinder, duplicated and joined back into a single mesh. As such, there are unseen faces within the mesh right now that form the top and bottom of each cylinder. I have no problem with breaking the sections into separate meshes or cleaning up the extra faces within the single mesh.

The ridges look fairly uniform and have an even distance, tweaking a wood procedural texture might do the trick here without UV mapping in this case.

This would work if the ridges aren’t spiraling down, otherwise you may have to make a stencil by hand.

After much trial and error (15 texture images), plus some judicious set smooth, CyberDragon’s first suggestion did the trick. Here’s the result:

Now all I need is to find some good settings for the gold and the gem materials.