Patriot act FINALLY being looked at in Judicial review

I live in Oklahoma.

Yes, I agree, being on the extreme end of either is bad (hence the one wing twice the size of the other comparison), but usually people aren’t as much as opponents might insinuate. Bush, for example, is just as liberal as he is conservative, as is Kerry, IMO. I still think it’s stupid to use them as dirty words. You don’t see many Dems yelling conservative like a four letter word, but on the other side…

I believe that Bush thought another war on the side would pick up the economy, as has happened in the past countless times, and it did, a little. But not enough.

shbaz and co. : AFAI can tell, the bad word isn’t liberal, its propaganda.

ok. Change may be good for certain interests, while “progress” is a highly subjective term. Laissez-faire usually turns out pretty gruesome, so I hope that wasn’t what you mean by true freedom. But propaganda of any sort, liberal or no, is usually frowned upon by third parties once it is clear that it is, in fact, propaganda.

Thanks Shbaz, for this article. I’m optimistic when it comes to things such as this. Joeedh, I’m gonna do some research on how Dan Rather pinned the blame for the ammendment for the patriot act on Bush, but right now I believe the Bush administration is to blame for the changes.

But as far as I’m concerned, down here in Oz, the halting of such a ludecrous bill speaks volumes. Already, the Howard government wants to be allowed to take pre-emptive action in neighboring countries, following in Bush’s footsteps, and trying to look tough on the war on terror. This is bullsh, and I applaud Indonesia for stopping him. It this bill is stopped inthe US, that means it can’t be used elsewhere in the world. At leas, for now.

Two things: firstly, a really terrific piece wss written by Terry Jones (on Monty Python fame) about the opinion of pre-emptive strikes. Please read, all! It is very funny, but extremely close to the mark.

Secondly, I am really amused by the definition ofthe word, Liberal here. But to me, any negative connotation has an equal in the word “concervative. You’ll find it interesting, for those who don’t know, that out conservative government here in Oz is called the “Liberal Party”. And our equivalent ofthe democrats is known as the 'Labor” party. Boy, we’re not the upside down country for nuttin!

It is interesting how the story painted by the media is always bi-polar … “us” and “them,” with nothing in-between. Furthermore, it is remarkable how simple labels are attached to each bipolar group, and the wrath of so many frustrated people is effortlessly attached to one or the other of these straw-men.

I’ve never in my life met a “lib-rel.” I thought I could identify one by the large “L” stamped on his forehead.

I’m more a libertarian liberal then a libertarian republican, but to be completely liberal or conservatives is or should be a bad thing these days. It’s clear to me they are just socialist and Nazi running under these banners. It’s hard to believe that the party can become so corrupt in such a short time. Keep fighting the power.

Bush does not believe in war.

Bush said, (and I do quote), “I am a war president” in more than one speech and even added “War is on my mind” in a Meet the Press interview. He does believe in war.

Here’s something I found interesting:

Obviously, it doesn’t represent the views of all republicans, but it does represent to views of some.

And if anyone is curious as to my political affiliations… well, I’m registered as independant, and I dislike both Bush and Kerry as presidential candidates.

I’m worry that John Ashcroft will use his power to prevent non-republicans from voting this election. There’s also the fear of a terrorist attack during the election. There may be a positive side for this fear, it will keep cowards from voting, the ones that will sell our liberty for safety.

I’m worried that if the Repubs get in, John Ashcroft will start a quoir.