"Patriotism at its best"

Well, this is my newest creation. It is the result of a discussion/inside joke with a few friends earlier today, essentially stating that the doughnut is a symbol of American culture.

Done mostly in Blender, and arranged in Photoshop.

From an artistic point of view,
I didn’t recognize the circles as doughnut until I red the post. The doughnuts that make up the flag are to small to reallly do anything, but I would change the doughnut in the word patriotism. Perhaps change it to a Isometric view, so you can further accentuate the doughnut and allow the viewer to see the icing dripping down the side.

Thanks for your response! I’ve edited the first post to include the modified render with the rotated doughnut in the word “patriotism”. Is this any better?

yes, but the doughnuts in the flag are still too small.

What does “arranged in photoshop” mean? Did you make the doughnut in Blender then save as a transparent image and put it all together in Photoshop? If so, why?

ctdabomb, any suggestions on what I should do with that? I kind of like the size of the flag as a whole, but I don’t want to make the doughnuts any bigger or else I won’t be able to fit 50 white iced ones to represent the stars…

place57, I added the text in Photoshop, and also added the doughnut used as the “o” in “patriotism”. I rendered that out separately because I didn’t want it to cast the same kind of shadow as the other doughnuts did; I wanted it to look separate from the rest of the scene. I’m not sure why exactly, but it was what I was envisioning the whole time.

Pretty neat and clean and I like the concept (not necessarily agree with).

I think if you’ve added some other donut-ish effects to the flag as a whole it would convey the message much better.

I actually like the fact that you find out only later that rings in the flags are donuts!

I really like the piece overall, thought I’d remove DOF from word PATRIOTISM… it really doesnt add anything to this piece of art