Pattern / design site I created

I created a new website aimed at people in my industry - custom furniture making, but it occurred to me that 3d people might find much of what I’ve created useful. The site is filled with consistently drawn, and neatly categorized 2d patterns in Sketchup, PDF, DWG & DXF files. The PDF’s are vector, so they can be scaled in Photoshop etc. without losing resolution. Why not Blender files? I need to use Sketchup so designers can scale them quickly, and place them in their designs, or just print them full size.

The patterns are not free - BUT - they are very inexpensive, and I’m offering free patterns to people who do something with them - I need usage examples on the site.

I used my Tudor arch pattern to create this area in a castle I’m working on, for example.

I’m aware that I have a bunch of images of the patterns on the site - I need to in order to sell them. There’s nothing stopping people from just downloading the thumbnail image and using it, especially in this application. I’ll just ask that if you find the site useful, spread the word and maybe buy a few - they are mostly $3. And please, post some images of work you create with the patterns.