Pattern on object


I’m starting blender and i wonder which is the best way to modelize pattern on object.

Like this for exemple :

It’s an object from the video game Skyrim.

Was the pattern modelize with curve or this is a texturing work ?.

Thanks for the answers and sorry if my english is broken it’s not my primary language.

If it’s from a game then most likely a texture. A normal map will simulate the detail.
You can see the centre sphere and bottom hemisphere have a low resolution silhouette which also indicates this is not real geometry but faked

I think that this is sculpted and then baked to normal map on a low poly. There are a lot of repeating geometry that could be reused on the low poly. Quixel or Substance Painter are other alternatives.

Here, It’s possible even without sculpting. But, if you want to add more details you could use displace modifier with a texture or try to sculpt it in, your choice. .blend Alt + F11 to exit full-screen mode

Thanks for your answers guys, and thank you MediumSolid for sharing.