patterned face

My model came into Blender just fine, but there’s this one triangle face that has a dithered pattern on it. What does this mean? A screen shot is here:


That is the most recently selected face. Try selecting another, it should look just like that.

Like organic said, that is just the Active face (or simply the last face you selected while in Face select mode). It is needed for UV unwrapping and other Face settings.

Thank-you for answering my beginner questions.

In edit-mode, everything is transparent, even if I select solid or shaded viewport shading. Can I edit while not seeing through everything?

At the bottom of the 3d view window are the buttons for vert, edge, and face select. Just to the right of the face select button is one with a cube on it. Click that button.

Thanks. I clicked on everything for about 30 minutes. Everything except that cube :frowning: