Paul Larkin - Sketchbook

Hello. I am just out of college, got an Associates, just trying to find my way through life.
I do mostly abstract art, using BI, Cycles, and I help with the production of TheBounty Renderer.
I am working my way towards doing CG productions for businesses, as in making commercials, fliers, renders, etc.

designs for a solar project I’m working on

not sure what this is

I don’t know what it is either, but it sure is cool! Love the effect!!

Thanks! Here’s another, highly post-processed(entirely en Blender)

Here is some related to the last ones, with motion blur on the second and third images.

These are of a tag I used to write, rendered in Cycles

This last one was done in internal renderer

Now begins the post processing


here is an actual modeled version of the distortion

Just watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and I was inspired to do that electron microscope-type look that the phantoms have, I’ve always enjoyed it, reminds me of Metroid Prime for GC.

As always, please leave questions or comments, if anyone is interested I could post the node setup.

wow this is some really cool stuff!! looking forward to more of your works. loved all stuff especially the first image

Here I was attempting to make a metal flake-style car paint shader using Cycles.

more recent one

more of a galvanized metal look

the flake carpaint is to reflective , maybe increse the fresnel. second one looks cool…

long board I started today. all procedural, as always.
voronoi for the bump on the grip tape
wood is combinations of wave textures mixed by a factor of… a wave texture! :slight_smile:
view of the bottom

I noticed that real leather has an almost voronoi texture, so I decided to recreate it in Blender, procedurally

here is another version, trying to be a pigskin

by the way I’m just testing the material, I know the model is crap