Paul McCartney Conspiracy Theory

In 1966 rumour(was launched in UK) said real Paul McCartney is dead and was replaced by look-a-alike.
First hoax clues were original album Yesterday and Today mannequin within meat from burglary shop.Legend says it’s Paul McCartney corpses.In Sgt.Peppers we see something like grave covered with flowers.I don’t believe strangers like William Campbell or guy named Billy are replaced Paul McCartney.I think John Lennon started this crazy speculation and George Harrison,and Ringo Starr admited real Paul McCartney died in car accident during Abbey Road.If real Paul McCartney died in 1966 why the rest of the Beatles covered this unreal fact.I don’t thing reversed songs of the Beatles explained this fake myth.What do you think about it?I heard rumours like Michael Jackson is still alive or Tommy Wiseau as criminal guy which was vanished many years ago.

Rumor has it the real Paul McCartney is living with Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis down in the lost city of Atlantis.

Who knows if the real Paul McCartney ever kept up with his singing, his vocal chords could have run dry since then, so I would take impostor Paul’s vocals over the real Paul’s anytime.

Atlantis has mysterious magic pyramid gravity fields like Nikola Claus’s experiments with artificial storm elemental on flying saucer clamed to be UFO phenomenon.Maybe it’s Zelda cdi triforce?

Yep. It’s not the gravitational forces of the sun and moon which stirs up such passion in the ocean, it’s Paul, Jimmy and Elvis.

Last time I heard, he was living in Tucson, Arizona (USA), trying to beat-off the legal contrivances of a :eek: who suckered him after his first wife died.

Bzzz-zzz-t!! How boring!

Last time I heard, Paul was “beamed-up” by Space Aliens, along with all of the rest of The Beatles, moments after the “Abbey Road” album-cover photo was shot. (To cover their tracks, they immediately substituted Zombies, who are indistinguishable from Real People except for the fact that Zombies might be responsible for dregs such as “The Girl Is Mine.”)

Take your pick. :slight_smile:

The record labels actually invented and disseminated rumors that certain albums played backwards would recite statanic incantations and such in order to sell more records and it worked. The whole Rock n’ Roll thing was about counter culture, kids were rebelling against their parents and if their parents thought the records played satanic incantations then they would be more strict about banning their children from rock which only made the kids want it more. The kids wanted to give their parents the finger and buying a rock album that might have satanic messages in it was their way of giving their parents that finger.

Record labels also developed rumors that Nancy and Ann Wilson of the band Heart were lesbian lovers. Also all about generating publicity.

The record labels don’t care why people buy the albums, they just want to sell and if creating crazy conspiracy theories and rumors sells then that’s just what they’re gonna do. It’s not even a big secret, isn’t this common knowledge?

P.S. If you’re into reading the tabloids and peering into celebrity lives you might be surprised how much of that information is completely fabricated for the purpose of publicity. As long as an actors name remains in the news their name recognition grants bigger box office sales. Doesn’t matter if the information is positive or negative, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

In many cases the celebrities play along and are willing parties in the rumors, it makes them money. Probably most of what you think you know is a lie and probably not for the reasons you might think. No one knows for sure what’s true and what’s not, usually don’t care either.

P.P.S. Celebrities are not always willing parties in the rumors though, apparently the band Heart had no idea about the lesbian rumors until they were confronted about it at a concert.

I think real Paul McCartney is alive,but someone killed President of United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy it’s confirmed death.

Yeah, well you know the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of JFK generally don’t claim that he’s actually still alive, rather they suggest the official story about who assassinated him and how is false. I certainly wouldn’t know, but I imagine it’s just hard for people to accept that the president of the United States could be so easily assassinated by a single disgruntled citizen.

I wouldn’t be surprised, and I’m not saying this is the case, if some of these conspiracy theories weren’t actually disseminated by the US government itself in a bid to make it appear as though a single average citizen wasn’t capable of taking out what many consider to be the world’s most powerful person.

Truth be told the US president has a lot less power than you might think. “The White House is the finest prison in the world.” Harry S. Truman

I often liken this type of thing to what one sees in the wild. Many animals try to make themselves appear larger than they really are as a means to ward off potential predators. Generally it’s a fairly successful tactic.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” -Sun Tzu

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Seems like an innocent-enough thread, as long as it doesn’t take a sideways turn into every conspiracy theory that’s ever been put forth. (Like “JFK,” for instance. Let’s not go there.)

In those younger- and more-innocent (and, less connected…) days, people seemed to love to spin theories about The Beatles, even as they bought tens of millions of units of their product. Of course record labels pushed those things. I daresay they put “backwards phrases” into them just so that people would find them. Meanwhile, “the Boys from Liverpool” were laughing all the way to the bank. :yes:

Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow are the same the person.

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Why? Information, true or false, is still information and, in my opinion, useful for something. This is an artist forum after all, you never know who might happen upon it and find inspiration for their next short film. A comedy piece on marketing perhaps…

These conspiracy theories are just vital marketing

These conspiracy theories are just vital marketing

Why Paul McCartney doesn’t reveal yet he made just solid plastic surgery and change his name from Paul McCartney to William"Bill"Campbell Shears just for a moment not like Norma Jeanne Baker to Marylin Monroe?

To be honest Paul McCartney photograph made a photo setion blooper.In Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Band Club there’s bouquet of flowers in shape of guitar which could a illussion of haman corpse.In album yesterday and today it’s just fake guesome ragdoll of toyshop plastic.In Starwberry fields there’s moment of john lennon “a cranberry sauce” as for mystical tour album paul had dark walrus costume it’s because of lack of white walrus costumes.To be honest John Lennon missed the fact his mother died in 1958 in car accident being killed by drunked policeman.Gossip “Paul is Dead” of sir wiliam"bill"campbell shears is new image of paul mccartney,but there’s many videos still claming real paul mccratney died in 1966 if he he really died or made a plastic surgery why the beatles kept this as a secret?nowadays assasinations are explained media tv and radios.Maybe in 1966 paul thinking time machine wanted to be handsome to opposite gender not like michael jackson’s many faces like 50 shades of grey?i dunno.