Pause a camera animated along a path


I just tried to post this, but I don’t see it - if this winds up a dupe, sorry.

I’m a blender n00b, and brand new to this site. Here’s my prob:

I’ve got a scene with a camera following a path. I created it by selecting the camera, then the path, then pressing Ctrl + P > Follow Path. What I’d like is for the camera to pause along the path at a couple of points. I think I need to add some location keyframes, and I’ve tried that. But then I’m not sure what to do.

This thread seems to deal with it:

h t t p ://

but I’m stumbling on how to follow the instructions there. I tried to copy a keyframe in the Dopesheet and paste it one frame further, but that didn’t seem to make a difference when I played back the animation.

please let me know what further details or pictures you’d like from me.

thanks in advance!

So the Cam is already parented (FollowPath) to the curve, right.

Select the path curve and go to its Object Data (Properties Panel / Curve Icon).
At the path animation section, right-click in the EvaluationTime field (which is animated and green by default) and choose ‘Clear Keyframes’.
Then set some Location keyframes manually (Press I while hovering over that field…) at different Time Values (0=start of the curve, 100=endpoint).
These keyframes should show up in the Dope Sheet / Graph Editor and can be edited there as desired…

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