Pause brick program


I tried this yesterday, a video from borncg youtube channel, this program should pause a scene, and then continue it using ‘p’. I first tried in the actual scene, it paused, but wouldn’t unpause. So I then tried doing it the way the tutorial has done it, and doesn’t work. The pause would display in the game, since I used overlay in the game scenes camera.

The program should work correctly?


You’ve assigned the wrong property values in the property actuators then the ones shown in the tutorial.

So false and true, or true and false?

I am sure I did it correctly, on the evening I tried this.

The first time I gave up when I tried it in the afternoon, but I thought I really wanted to add a new feature to the mini game.

The first bricks weren’t correct. How ever the pause feature is a little slow to respond, so it requires a bit of a hard press. I guess the many objects may be the result as well the buggy engine.

Turn off pulsing on the sensors.

For suspend scene you need use 2 scenes - because if you suspend scene number 1 you not drive this scene, for restore suspend scene need in scene number 2 create sensors and actuators for restore first scene