PAUSE - Green Bench

Hello Folks !

This is my first submission.
The purpose here is to get some feed back, as I consider myself new to blender even though I’ve been practicing now for about 1&1/2 year.
As it is difficult to know if your own work is relevent or not, I would much appreciate advises in order to improve skills & knowledges.

Here the focus was on light and rendering with cycles to approach realism.
What are your feelings about it ?
Modeling was simple, and I use the “Grass essentials Pack” from Andrew Price.

(Sorry for any English mistakes I’m also trying to improve it).

Thanks for your comments,


First, I guess you added the persons from photos. The child in the background looks off, I think it’s because he’s way too big and my eyes tell me that according to perspective he shouldn’t be so big. Also, while it’s good that you use the grass essentials, I’d say not to become dependent on it. It is a great addition, yeah, but you should also be able to model your own grass :wink: Just try not to overuse the grass essentials.

Thank you AkiraOkiku for your reply.
Effectively the characters are “imported images as plane” and the background a HDR image that helps for lighting as well as bkg.
I will give it a try scaling down the boy and adding some DOF.
About the grass I do have my own modeled grass library as well.:yes:
The main focus here is to learn to approach photorealistic look, wich is in my case long and hard time to find “correct” settings.
(you can view the simple 3D set up)

Sheers !!!

I have to ask how much is your work and how much is photoshopping aspect. Cause, no intent to be rude, but it merely looks like a bunch of photos clobbered together.

As Akira said, one major issue is the kid. The other is that the shadows don’t fit. Particularly the girl / woman - the shadow has shoulders too far down to be hers - and the “bench” or whatever that is in front of the seat.

My brain doesn’t know what is happening on the picture… Looks kind of an optical illusion.

Hello Endelos,

You can see on second image all that is 3D,
the background is an hDRI image used for lighting the scene,
I imported the 2 characters and rendered everything with cycles in HDRI format in order to get most of light power then just export to photoshop in order to adjust a few color and light parameters. (about 5 mn) There is no hard work in photoshop !

When you import a png image to blender (import image as plane) you get the shadow from the imported image /
So there is no twinking in shadow here. It woul certainly have been better if I had placed a 3D character, may be next time.

Is it any clearer like this ?
I have remove characters wich weren’t 3D !
By the way the story behind this is that I presented the bench concept about 13 years ago to a city(Lyon France) contest and won.
It finally got realized in the heart of the city.
Going through my archives I found the really bad drawings of way back then!
So as an exercise, am trying to redraw it with blender.

Thanks for your reply !


You could use GIMP to add the photos after you rendered the image. This way you wont get a shadow and you are can make the shows yourself (The hardest part would be to bend it, but still, there are tutorials on the internet for that)