PAUSE RENDER: Future idea?

I think there’s a lot of improvement ideas people have for blender that never get spoken about, so they never happen. Just one that i thought of, i’m sure others have thought of it before:

I’ve been using blender since 2.34, and up until [i think] 2.40, you couldn’t abort a render in progress without having to kill the program itself. I really liked this feature, but i really think there should be a feature to pause a render, but be able to resume it later. This is useful for people with single core/non-hyperthreaded processors who need to do something important on their computer in the middle of a render, but can’t because the rendering uses 100% of the CPU.

you can reduce the process priority for blender in the task manager or even disable some CPUs for it.

a pause function is not needed i think.

I think pause would be a good idea

If you’re using a UNIX-based system you can issue a kill (e.g., kill -s stop pid).

Then, when you’re ready to resume the render, you can just issue a kill (with cont instead of stop).

That’s why, on the 8th day, God created

(okay, so it may have come a little later in the creation process… still a handy place to brainstorm)

I never knew you could do that, thanks, this is going to be very handy for a lot of things I’m doing atm.

I think it’s a good idea. Maybe it would be useful to be able to pause and quit blend and then later on continue the rendering. That would be useful for those who have scenes with long rendertimes and don’t want to have their computer up and running the whole night.

Isn’t there a webpage somewhere that is supposed to take users’ ideas and let other users to vote on them so that the devs could what feature-request is the most frequent.

edit: Augh, mzungu answered my question before I was even able to post this :stuck_out_tongue: is the site (:

i agree this feature could be very useful ,

A pause feature would be nice, that way I can use my computer for other things and render while I’m busy.

also it would be nice an add/remove thread button like the ones in Luxrender

I think this would be a great idea, especially as Blender Internal becomes more and more powerful. Its already not unusual for me to have scenes requiring 8 or more hours of render time, and Im sure that will go up much higher once some of the new features are incorporated.

Now, if only there was a way to save rendering progress in order to resume after a crash or shutdown…but that sounds like it would be a very difficult thing to incorporate.

Earlier this year I suggested these and some other ideas at

Here’s the Render Pause and Resume concept:

Despite the post’s “August 23” date (a date I suppose gets updated whenever someone votes), the idea/post was submitted back in April 2008, as can be seen by the first reply to that post.

Nice to see some interest in the concept :slight_smile:


I might look into checkpointing for BURP


I’d really like a way to keep working on the same blend while a render is in progress.

Oh wow. Learn something new every day! :smiley: