pausing or slowing down particle explosion

Is there a way to do it? Im trying to slow down to a crawl or pause a particle explosion already happening while keeping normal fps so i can pan the camera around for an animation im doing. any suggestions?

Not exactly sure of this, but can you keyframe a particle system? i.e. Hover your mouse over the “Panels” window and press “i” to insert a keyframe.

EDIT: Yup, you can :slight_smile:

Key the Time IPO of the emitter object.

  • Select the emitter.
  • Open an Ipo window
  • LMB click on “Time” in the right hand side of the window.There is now active curve yet.
  • Ctrl-LMB in the Ipo window to create an IPO curve and additional keys.

It is not possible to let the animation run backwards though.

thanks a lot