Pausing & resuming a scene

I’ve never used the “suspend” and “resume” scenes before…
I figured it’d be quite simple. But it’s the opposite. I am using “P” to pause, and “Enter” to resume
(simply a placeholder for now… or maybe not, meh)

It pauses alright, but pressing “Enter” does nothing. Mapping the resume key to “P” results in nothing happening. (doesn’t pause either, which was expected.)

But why does pressing other keys not work? Am I missing something?!? :confused:

You are using only 1 scene?

because not have sense the logic of that scene continue working if this scene is suspend, sorry english.

you need need to overlay a scene when it pauses in that scene you need to have it set up to end the overlay scene and resume the main scene when you hit enter.

Ah, that makes sense :slight_smile:
I’ll try it later tonight, thank you both very much!

Hey fellers, new problem.

When pausing, I made it so a text pops up (saying “Paused”) along with a transparent plane to make the screen dark.
The problem is, if you press “P” to un-pause, lightly, it doesn’t disappear as it would if you pressed it normally.

It’s very strange, and I COULD live with it… but any suggestions?

More details?

In the overlay scene that shows the ‘pause’ text, you need to create a brick that turns off its visibility, if you’re using more than one object, then you should use a message actuator to send a signal to the others that it’s time to turn invisible.

I did that with an “end object”… didn’t work to well xD
Upon further investigation, it appears to only not disappear if it’s the first time being paused. I’ll leave it in the game, thanks for your help everyone!