Pausing w/ an options screen

I have a nice options screen in its own scene, how can I pause my main game scene and load the menu? When you hit the keyboard key again, the menu would go away and the main game would resume. thanks in advance

the game is a scene opened “behind”… and suspended/resumed and such

[the physics probably don’t work in bullet, but the other stuff still applies]

Heres a nice little menu and options screen(with custom keys) from doc holiday i think it pauses the main game and a really good thing is when you press ESC it doesnt close blender it brings up the menu no matter how many times you press ESC so this is really good… Have fun :D:D
Menu & Options Screen

Thanks, I have tried both methods. But I still can’t get it to work :frowning:

Can someone please take a bit of time to look at my .blend? It is HC 1.02, which you can find in my sig. If you load the ‘flyin’ scene, you will see what I have tried already. When you hit escape, the ingamemenu (a separate scene) will load and unload. However, I don’t know how to go about pausing my main scene…also, the mouse script doesnt allow you to hit menu buttons (to exit the menu, jerk your mouse toward the “flee to OS” button whilst spastically clicking) I would really appreciate it, thanks in advance

hey just lok at my file remember(solar system) it has a pause screen.