Paving stones

I think these turned out relatively well - certainly not perfect or even fit for use in a finished piece, but reasonably well. I was wondering which people preferred and why, or if anybody has a far superior but [relatively] easy method for making such stones. I’m thinking making a bump or normal map out of these would also work (in order to save a final scene from having to much geometry).

Note: the material is the ‘stone’ material from the Sweblend material library.


i like the one on the right 'cos the cloud texture isn’t as noticable

How about these?

Not really loving the way the texture looks on the edge of each stone, however.

Waw, I’d say the last one is production ready…
How did you get them their ‘individuality’?

Have a look at these ones. Free download

Thanks for the materials link :slight_smile:
UglyMike: After extruding upwards, I applied a subsurf + crease of about .4-.6. I applied the subdivision. Then I applied texture (slightly modified stone material from the Sweblend library), and hit ‘noise’ (not sure of the technical term). Of course, also moved a very few vertices by hand.

yea instead of hitting the noise button a bunch of times just use the same texture as a bump map - set it to “nor” in the “map to” tab in the texture tabs.