Paw Problems

Hello People… I need help!
(Sorry ‘bout the small pic by the way)

I’ve been working on a dragon model for animation and gaming for quite some time now and once I finished the paws, I saw some funky shading when I turned on the smooth shading. Now I’ve seen this problem with the head earlier and I was able to fix it by flipping the normals, but when I’ve tried that with the paws… it just made things worse by adding more weird shadings. :confused: However after I looked at the normals’ spike-things (IDK what their called) I saw that they reach farther towards the toes. If this makes a difference, there are some double vertices around the shading, but I’m not entirely sure how to get rid of them.
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

1 - Make sure you don’t have internal faces, if so select them and delete them
2 - Get rid of doubled vertices (select all -> W -> Remove Doubles)
3 - Select all -> CTRL+N to recalculate the normals

Thanks! That really helped! :smiley: