My very first close to ok-ish Blender project, all things consided I’m quite proud of the result.
Any and all Comments welcome.

Also out of intrest is there any way of reseting the veiw after using mouse wheel and Ctrl or Shift

Yes, it looks cool. You could fix some of the lightning as it now looks a bit dark. Ambient occlusion sometimes makes wonders.
And to reset view, press “c”, and it targets where your 3d-cursor is.

Thank you for that i will try it out.

nice texture

Yeah, the texturing and modeling is good, main thing I would change would be the ‘i’m lit from 3 sides look at all these shadows’ thing. You might want to try turning off shadows on two of the lights and using at least a little area light or the new fuzzy raytracing QMC stuff (is that SVN or 245? I’m using BeBraw’s anyway) or possibly a shadow layer blur node thing to cause one definate shadow without such a crisp edge to it… AO would cover stuff like shadowing under the base and in the cracks but it does take forevers to render and I can never figure out the settings myself ^_^.