Pax Bradley episode 2

I finished the second episode of my science fiction serial “Pax Bradley”. Thanks to all of your comments on episode one, this episode is a whole lot better. There is still room for improvement, and I would love to hear what you think I should work on improving for episode 3.

As with the last one, it can be found here:

The first episode was a big download, so this is better compressed, and if you don’t want to download it, I’ve got it as a youtube embedded video (I tried google, and while they didn’t put the logo on top of my flick, it was lower quality, so I went with youtube). I hope that makes it easier for everybody.

Anyway, let me know what you like/dislike about, and I hope you enjoy it!


Ooh god, I shouldnt have the sound so loud.

Nearly killed myself there. :eek:

Great Animation, cant wait for the next. :smiley:

i noticed that the shape of Pax’ head from the front is more than just a little suggestive of something rude… (considering the taper of his head and the shape of his “chin”). is that intentional? grin



Ah… no. I was considering making jokes about his butt chin, but… ah… not that. Sorry to disappoint. I guess I should do fewer frontal shot of Pax’s face. Sorry to disapoint. :o

Hehe, he looks like a Ballchinian:smiley:

The lipsync is definitely better in the 2nd episode, good job!

LOL. Keep up the good work mate! :smiley: