Pax - CGTalk Grand Space Opera contest entry (thumb+link)

Wasn’t able to finish in time due to various computer problems, and since the only machine I will have left in a couple of days (I’m getting laid off :frowning: )has a Savage 4 card which doesn’t work with Blender, this will have to stand “as is” for now. Although suggestions about what works and what doesn’t are appreciated. I know some of what I don’t like, I’d like to see if you feel the same.

For those who missed it, the CGTalk Grand Space Opera contest was about a pivotal moment on the grand, galactic-civilization level.

Quoting myself is silly but its faster :slight_smile:

It’s from a story, to which I only ever managed to write the prelude. The story-line is drawn from Revelation 21, 2nd last chapter of the Bible (As any hypothetical copyright on the Bible’s story-line would have expired long ago, I should be safe from lawyers at least!)

The battle-city of New Jerusalem is making a low pass over Earth, and The Host (or army) of Heaven is starting the initial engagement of the final war. (The story didn’t have any marauding angels :wink: )

For those interested, I used the Sequencer to composite in the rainbow foundation, the built-in glow function and particles for the points of lights in the halo beams. And learned about greebling for the buildings :slight_smile: The sky is a (enhanced) picture I took on the highway while I was getting yelled at for not watching where I was going :Z

Oh, ya… the picture :smiley:


I like it a lot. The only things I would comment on is that it seems more like a flying party pyramid than a war machine. The colors on the edge really exemplify that to me. But the style is great.

Great work, too bad it couldn’t be finished.

i think it rocks.
i love the creativity, and the modeling is super.

Now that is whack.

So explosive. I like it! :smiley:

Although, despite how much I like rainbows, I’d go easy on all the colours, it kind of over powers the picture. :wink:

Thanks guys.

Yes, the bright colours are a bit overpowering and wash out a lot of the picture unfortunately, and unbalances it as well. As one CGTalker said, it looks like the circus is coming to town. Of course, it depends on which side you’re on…

If you check CGT, the original was much more somber. I didn’t actually plan on it being so bright, I think one of the lights REALLY picked up the brightness in the stain-glass (procedural) texture.

I will rework it once I get another Blender capable computer. I may be able to put my old ATI card back in this machine, but as it was in a machine that died, I’m not going to try it just yet. First I need to…


I lost almost all of my (digital) photos for the last couple of years, the vector logo and graphics I did for the church website I made (and now they want letterhead and other stuff, urk). Believe it or not, I was compliling everything to make backups - but it was too gradually and I should have been more urgent. Sigh.

Warning for you all - don’t put off backups! Get a friend who is a nagger! :-? A friend of mine has made a list of ‘must backup’ files, like family photos, etc and has BACKUP on his calendar. I have started doing it with the few things I salvaged. Pictures I must do by this weekend.

I’m out of a job Friday as well, so I can’t be sending my old HD into a data recovery place for awhile. :frowning: