Paying Job. 3D Modeler and Blitz3D Programmer needed.

We are looking for a Blitz3D programmer and a 3D modeler for a new project that we plan to begin working in December of 2009.

Blitz3D programmers should have well… experience with Blitz3D! The 3D modeler should have the ability to work with different model formats including .3ds. .max .x .dfx etc…

We actually already have a set of models and we are looking for a modeler that can do a good job at texturing and animating them. The Blitz3D programmer will be working closely with us to incorporate the environment and the interaction of the models within the environment.

If your interested in either position please e-mail me for further details at [email protected] with samples of your work. Providing samples is a requirement. Please do not e-mail without any show of previous work that you have done.

Again this is a paid position and we look forward to working with you.

Last time I just submitted my work to somebody , it ended up on turbosquid for sale.
If you guys go along with this, submit a blender game engine EXE or a shockwave animation so that your work does not get sold or used without your permission.

The question is… do you have experience with Blitz programming OR modeling? Or anything?

His new! welcome!
I see a S…P…Y! :RocknRoll:
Dude where is your site if any?
To me personally ( no hard feeling) Only text no More!
No studio Name no links nothing only text and E-mail
It can be a real job but I don`t see it like that, sorry Dude! :evilgrin:
@ The Oracle No way! how in the earth that happen to you?!

so you’re not looking for a modeller.

you’re looking for a texture artist and an animator.

heh, yea I’ve been screwed for a job on the forum too