Paying whoever rigs a nude biped for me.

Paypal only. Whoever takes the job will recieve the file. I prefer blenrig 5 so I may use facial rigs smoothly. also if you would be so generous the hair!

10-15 dollars.



Not for that price. Be serious. I can do it, but for at least 100$ if with BlenRig.


Hi, i’m interested on the job, send me a private message and talk.

With all respect, people who do this kind of work for 15 dollars are ruining the business. It takes several hours to rig and skin a character properly, even with Blenrig or rigify

Coouldn’t have said it better myself.

I sincerely doubt that someone who is willing to rig a biped for $15 is any threat to my livelihood.

How to contact you? (if you see this msg, you can contact me via skype: frenemy1949 or E-Mail: [email protected])

I’ve been rigging for a while, so I think I can help you. Which parts do you want rigged? Send me a PM!