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Yo! wassup everyone!? Not a whole lot here, but, i posted a question over on the off-topic boards, and got ABSOLUTELY NO help…the jerks…j/k! :slight_smile: anyways, i thought i might get a little more help here…so, could someone out here answer this?..

hey guys, i gotta question about paypal…i own a small business were we…or…i (no employees yet :x ) make independent computer games (with blender ofcourse), and im going to put my very first commercial blender game on the net Dec.31 2002! Now, i want people to pay for it with paypal…but…since were just starting up, i dont want to put the game on a cd or something like that cause’ we cant afford the shipping, and stocking of them, etc…i want it to happen like this…

  1. The people click the “buy now” paypal button, and they pay for it on the paypal website…
  2. after they send the amount (10$), i want it to redirect them to a download page for the game, where they can only log on to if they have payed for that game at some time…so, they can download it, and any new versions…
  3. and NOONE that has not payed for it can get on that page…

how would i go about doing that?, and is it possible with paypal?

p.s., the game is called “Appocolypse”, and the reason im actually charging money for it, is because, ive put my sweat and blood(YES BLOOD! tons of papercuts involved…owie, j/k! ) into that game, with many, MANY hours of work…its also one of the only blender games ive actually seen with full fledged levels, options, AI, well you know, set up like a commercial game…and after high school, i want to expand my business and sell many blender made games, as a job…go to on dec.31 for more details about appocolypse, the company, our mission, and our upcomming projects…

ok, thats it, and someone out there PLEASE help me! thanks! 8)

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Look on, then under your favorite scripting language, then look for the Order Processing subheading, and find something that looks like it’ll work for you.

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alright, cool, thanks!..even though im not a programmer…ill give it a try!

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sorry dude…i…uh…really didnt find anything on that website…but, could anyone actually tell me how to do it with html? or possible without coding, like some kinda program?

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That’s what I was pointing you to - something that someone else already wrote…

If you have a PHP parser on your webserver, use one of these:

If you dont, but do have Perl CGI: