Pb appending complete BezTriple to newCurve

Hello !

I’ve tried to create an IPO curve lately and iam stuck with the following problem:
In the code, i create a new IPOcurve and then append BezTriples created with New.

This ‘New’ method (is it a method ?) accepts either 3 or 9 floats. I guess for x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2,x3,y3,z3.
But no matter what z values i choose (there is no z value in an IPO curve, is there ?), i get a curve with all my knot points but NO HANDLES nor control points…

I have tried messing with handlesTypes and a tuple of 2 integers, but no result…

Is BezTriple the way to go for IPOs ?

hi Gwenouille,
you can find a working example of creating IPOs in Camera_jitter.py at blenderWiki:

I hope it helps

Mmmmhhh Thanks for your answer Migius, but i can’t find any trace of IPO in this script.
It says “optionnaly bake it to IPO” but there is no such option when i run the script…
Are there other versions of it ?

Anyway… if someone comes with an explanation on how to use BezTriple for IPOs…

hmm? have you checked the last version 1.02 - 2008.02.17?

Edit: blenderWiki seems to have problem with updating zip-archives.
I have put there alternative second link.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Now i can see the new version.

Thanks ! It will be most enriching to study that. The 1st part with script link is like black magic to me !!!

Thanks a lot