Pb to apply a pattern repeatedly


I have a pattern (a square gif 30*30px) I would like to apply as a texture to a plane.
I tried to do it and pressed the repeat button in the texture panel but it doesn’t look right.
I have to give values to XRepeat and YRepeat fields, and the pattern looks blurry.

Is there not a way so taht the pattern is applied repeatedly with its original size at infinite without having to specify a XRepeat and YRepeat value?



try using “checker” instead of repeat and setting it “even”.
that should repeat your texture endlessly.
make sure to change the size settings at “map input” in the materials settings to set the size of your texture.
(if you want more repeats/smaller single texture, make the x,y,z values higher).

Thanks for you answer Sidcom but I don’t get it :
when I enable “Checker” and then “even”, I don’t get any texture anymore (by the way texture preview becomes black) unless I set “Odd” too, then, for the map input, where can I set the size (the size is 200*200), I only can set the scale …

oh, sorry… in my version “odd” is preset…

anyway, reconsidering your problem, i have to say: this won’t help you anyway :frowning:

try using another “map input” setting than “flat” - that would be my first guess for the blurryness.

second, consider, that “original size” doesn’t quite apply in blender, because you don’t actually know how “big” your faces are - or do you :confused: ?

maybe append your blend-file so we can check out, where your blurryness comes from.

I definetely don’t get it, sorry.
Here attached is my .blend file and the pattern. If you have some time to check it out. Thanks in advance


fond_perles.blend (135 KB)

Aye martala,
it would help if you would pack the pattern_133.gif into the blend file.
I just tried your blend and tested it with a custom 30x30 px file. There is one very simple way of doing what you want to achieve. Just select your Object “Cylinder” and subdivide it horizontally. Just try to make the faces even in size.
(press tab -> ctrl R -> scrollwheel get some lines). Now select all vertices, press U to do a UV unwarp.(just select from you, or what you like, it doesn’t matter) Then press U and ‘reset’ the UVmap.
Now assign your tex to UV and eveything should be fine.
You can double the amount of patterns when you change the sizeX,sizeY,sizeZ parameters in the Map Input tab to 2.0.
thats about it.

…Or you can just take my blend and replace ‘mypattern’ with yours :wink:
laune -.;


fond_perles2.blend (220 KB)

hm… after having a look at it i’d suggest:

set your texture back to repeat.
then switch to “Map Input” and set it to “flat” (as it already is…)
now change the input coordinates (the 3 x,y,z pattern) to: X - Z - Y (top to bottom).
and change sizeX, sizeY, sizeZ (the scale) to 20

or use laune’s uv-map :smiley:

Thanks to both of you!
Both methods are working, the method of Laune is the propest one.
I have to take my blender manual and study a little bit UV wrapping because it is technically a little bit complicated …

Anyway the result is what I wanted!