Pb to fill a closed shape


I imported a text path from an illustrator file (.ai) into blender. My text is “TAGEO”.
The paths are ok but when I convert to a mesh and then try for example to make a face by the selecting the outlines of the “T” and then pressingF Key, I get the “Make faces” menu, I select auto and no face is drawn :frowning:

How can I draw the letter faces?

Thanks in advance

Try hitting F key and select Skin faces. If that doesn’t work then select each letter and skin the faces, and if that doesn’t work… do it all by hand edge by edge… Good luck!

You can use SHIFT+F, but it won’t be pretty.

after shif f i always do a alt-j to recalculate and the laytout is better that wya


your solution DudeBot13 doesn’t work, I will try with shift F as suggested by Organic
Thanks for your help

SHIFT F is working well.