PBR Dielectrics

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to Blender and would like to ask a fairly simple question. Recently, while trying to make realistic materials, I have found that it is very difficult to find image textures of certain things, such as paperboard for a puzzle piece. This brings me to my next point. Is it necessary to find an image texture for everything, or could we make our own materials for certain things? I realize there are things that are very difficult to replicate without them, such as bricks or a floor, but could I just make a solid color for something like a black gun? Finally, when I make something like a sticker, can I use the bump map of the surface it is on as the sticker’s bump map?

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Hey man !
So, instead of looking for image for every textures you want to do, you can try to create some procedural materials (have a look here : https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?278285-Yet-Another-Thread-about-Cycles-Materials).
For the bricks, you can have procedral, bumped material. For the floor, you can find some floor generator, and then apply procedural material on your floor.
And for your last question, you can try, but i think it wont work because the bump map will be applied for the size of the surface, and then for the size of your stickers. So if your stickers have a little size compare to your surface, it wont be applied correctly.

go watch several of andrew price’s videos. they are fun, and really good!
you will learn everything you need from him.