PBR Glass

How would I make a glass shader based on PBR principles?
I have a dielectric node group:

And here’s the reflection node group:

And the Fresnel node group:

So my question is, how would I use these with glass, or would glass require completely different node groups?

why not just use the glass shader?

This is something I could use advice on as well. I’ve been using the PBR dual mode shader on Blend Swap, but it doesn’t have any options for transparency or emission, and I wasn’t sure how to properly mix those in.

I want to learn more about making physically accurate glass. I still don’t have a good grasp on PBR and I was hoping that through this I could learn not just how to create a PBR glass shader, but also what makes a PBR shader work and why it would be a good idea…or why it would not.

I do understand the rules of roughness and reflection, but glass is also refractive and translucent and the tutorials I followed didn’t discuss either of those.