PBR Materials Tests

Hi, these are some tests of pbr materials i had been working the last couple of months, please im looking for critiques to improve.

The most of them are RAW renders no comp, there are a couple i did a quick post using blender compositor because i didnt like the final result of the render and shitty material. For some of these i used Substance Painter, for the bread i used textures from a tutorial on youtube, the desert i did using procedural textures. All of these materials were made by using a pbr ubershader that i had been working on. All were render in Cycles 200-500 samples, and models too in Blender.

Like i said i need critiques and adivices to improve, thanks.
Sorry for my english btw.



And more tests:


a bit more tests.


I will keep posting more tests in a future hope someone can help me to improve.


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(btw, that means they’re REALLY good)

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hahaha thanks man, any advice how can i improve?

To be honest I actually scrolled through them a couple of times before I realised they weren’t reference photos but were in fact your actual materials :slight_smile:

Your tests look awesome, elShaco! I would love to learn how to set up nodes to use PBR. Did you follow CynicatPro’s videos, or is it another method?

Amazing quality materials. Bookmarking this in the hope you post some details of how you do this.

Good, btw i have shader pack…
can you test it ? i need advice :smiley:

Thanks guys for the support, glad you like it. Ya James i used CynicatPro’s viedos as a reference, he is a beast, got good sutff. I will link some reading and videos that helped me out to archive the actually PBR workflow that im using, hope can help you too:





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This is the Gloss/Spec workflow node i am using at the moment, very simple.


And this is the Metallic/Roughness node i use:


This is the enviroment control node i use:


Thanks so much for posting those helpful links and sharing your nodes, elShaco! That’s very helpful!

can you share your especial fresnel group node

It´s the fresnel from CynicatPro https://www.youtube.com/user/CynicatPro/videos


Hi elShaco, I am also experimenting with PBR materials in Blender. Could you show how you implemented the Texture Maps in your setup?