PBR Modelling is a Thing?

I just got email from CGTrader asking if I want to do some PBR modelling for them for money.

However, I thought PBR (Physically-based Rendering) was a rendering thing, not a modelling thing.

Or am I missing something?

Can anyone tell me if modelling is approached differently if the end result will be used in a PBR engine? Or is this just CGTrader trying to make this sound trendy?

PBR is deffo rendering, now whether they mean UV mapped objects which can use PBR materials I dunno, but yah, buzzwordy.

Think they may mean 3d model with pbr texturing?
That’s the most likely for me

why dont you ask them?

No. I do not think it’s a thing at all. Maybe he means like photo scanning? But I doubt it. My guess is the client likes what he sees when he or she sees something labeled “PBR”.

I’d recommend avoiding “correcting” him until you’ve verified what he means. Simply inquire about the specifics and move on. Once you realize what he or she wants, you can casually mention that this is a rendering technique - and of course you can make the models “physically plausible”. :slight_smile: