PBR texture artefacts


I’m a blender hobbyist.
How can i suppress those artefacts ? (Square on parts of rocks)
I use PBR texture on a plane, rendered with cycles.

The scene lighting is quite good i think.
Plane has a subdivide modifier (x3) and is well subdivided.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you

Increase subdivision.
Or better - use adaptive subdivision.

Thank you for your reply.
Increasing subdision by modifier is too long too render. X4 takes too much time.
I will look for adaptive subdivision and let you know.


Well, for rock like this subdivision could be up to x8 or x10 to produce accurate effect. You have to deal with it. You won’t reproduce detail of sand/rock grain of 1mm size with a plane 5x5cm. :wink:

Ok i understand thank you.

Great i’ll try it and let you know, thank you for your help

Indeed those small tricks made the job. i dont use the bevel because don’t need such precision and i remove 1 subsurface because render time was too long. Good trick too know by the way. thank you

thanks to your help :slight_smile: