PBR+Texture+Overlay = MEGA SHADER

So… PBR seems to be the mainstream topic in the Blender comunity…
Then here is my contribution!!



Thanks for the nice work. The PBR surface node is great.

There is one thing;
Right now the Specularity output goes into the Reflection Boost right? I think the Specularity output should go into a color input of the Glossy BSDF which is in the Reflection node. Or something with a similar function.
I would call the Reflection Boost “Base Reflection”.

Here two renders. In the first one I plug a reflection map into the color input of the Glossy BSDF in the Reflection node. The second one is a reflection map into the Reflection Boost. Note that I have to adjust the reflection map strongly with a color ramp, so that where the black holes of the fabric are, there is no reflection.