PBR textures not applied when export to GLB


I made simple 3d model and put texture.

in Blender it looks like screenshot below.

but when i export GLB file and open using 3d viewer, it looks like screenshot below.


I dont know what is the problem or i missed somthing.

node screenshot


Please let me know how do i fix this.

Thank you.

One thing right off the bat is you need to change the Normal, Roughness and displacement to Non-Color data…always change that for anything that does not add color to your objects…besides that, I think your GLB screenshot is better than the Blender screen…of course, you have to realize the 3d viewer uses different lighting set up then Blender so that makes a big difference, so I am not sure what you were expecting it to look like.

The displacement texture will not currently export to glTF/GLB, you can track discussion and progress on that in KhronosGroup/glTF#948. Other than that I agree it probably comes down to lighting and using “Non-Color” data. Most viewers will give you some different lighting and/or tone-mapping options.


This issue is exactly correct that you said.

DIsplacement map is not applied.

I will check other method that i will try to find alternative method.

Thank you.


I didn’t know if I had to change maps to Non-color data.

And i have made the changes.

Thanks for the helpful advice!

Rather than open a new thread, I’m also doing stuff in the glTF workflow.

Is the new KHR_materials_ior supported by Blender yet? It doesn’t seem to be, so I’m wondering if there is a way that I can implement it myself. I’m not much of a developer so the more user friendly the better.

The glTF IOR extension is not exported from Blender yet. You can follow along at https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO/issues/1454 for progress on that.

In the meantime, a good option might be to export the model first, then adjust IOR in a tool like Gestaltor.

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Ah, the man himself. Thanks for responding.

If I have a model that has certain parts that are transmissive, a plastic that goes from a colour to a clearer area in this instance, do I need to cut that whole section off and bring it in to Gestaltor as a seperate piece within the OBJ? Can I also use a transmission map to control the clear falloff?

Sorry if these are obvious questions, but setting up transmissive materials with IOR in realtime is very new for me.

A transmission map could be used for controlling which areas use transmission, but Gestaltor isn’t a texturing/painting tool so I think you would need to paint that texture elsewhere (Blender or Substance Painter, perhaps?) and import the texture separately in Gestaltor.

Thanks Don.

I’ll cut the model in ZBrush, then create a 3D gradient in Substance to comp in Blender and export from there and open in Gestaltor to test the output.

A steep learning curve, but it’s getting better with each model.

Thanks a million for the info. Your gltfviewer is my goto test viewer. Thanks for that too.

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