I like the new Principled material node. But when it comes to texturing, I prefer the roughness / specular pbr workflow instead of a metalness workflow. What is the best (true pbr) roughness / specular pbr shader out there? Is there one? I’ve been using the CynicatPro shaders for awhile, but I’m not sure how accurate they are. For example, I notice some inconsistencies when I export textures from Quixel Suite. I’m hoping when 2.8 comes out Eevee will have also have a shader for roughness / specular workflows.

Let me know. Thanks.

The PBR’s I have been using for a while is Remington’s PBR shaders http://remingtongraphics.net/tools/pbr-shader/ and here is a youtube link as well to the older version of the shader, which has been updated on his site.