PBVH accelerated vertex/weight painting from GSoC is now being reviewed.

Congratulations to the first GSoC student to get his work to the point of review

He also recently applied the PBVH acceleration to texture painting as well, what his project will enable is very high performance for vertex and weight painting (an absolute necessity if a complex mesh has modifiers active while in those modes).

It looks to me like there’s a lot of things he needs to address yet (and it’s a big patch, so don’t hold your breath for a 2.78 inclusion), but I can almost say for sure that it was a success and will be committed to master.

In a sense, this should knock down another major performance shortfall in Blender, always nice to see that happen. Like usual, let the review thread be mainly for the developers (don’t need to spam them with comments about builds and the like) :slight_smile: