Pbvhtree based height painting and vertex painting on multiple channels

using pvhtree acceleration, one could paint both textures onto vertex color and sculpt the vertex position in 1 stroke,

I don’t know enough or I would develop it myself,

also we run into the viewport limitations here as well*
Very Very dense high poly geometry required

it would work by using a center point (mouse cursor) and then getting a vertex in radius, then comparing the offset from the center point to a image, and using the value of the pixels in that area to set the depth, and also do the same with other images to paint color on multiple vertex layer.

this would allow a artist to leave behind a fully textured zipper, or weld etc in 1 stroke.

Someone mentioned recently that combining sculpt mode with the painting modes would be a major undertaking, and as such would likely require a paid developer if you don’t want to wait years for it.

It would be good to have (especially if one could paint vector displacements using tessellation shaders), but there’s always the issue of finding someone who will not only start work on it, but complete it as well.

I can write one in python right now, it would just be very very very slow and in the game engine.

I have a hard time understanding bpy and no one is willing to do any hand holding :confused:

It would still be in Python so it would still be slow. It doesn’t matter if the first line is import bge or import bpy

The only way you would be able to have such a feature with maximum performance would be to write it in C and submit a patch to the developers (but as I hinted the only way to do this properly would be to merge the texture painting and sculpt modes together, and that is no small project).