PC for quick high quality rendering.


I have a Pc with such charechterestics but it takes me 6hours to do 1280*400 picture with Indigo in Blender. I’ve heard people do it in 20 minutes. Can anyone advise a Pc for quick rendering please THANKS ALOT!!! Atleast what should I aim at?

I have currently:

Windows XP, AM Athlon(pm) 64 processor, 3200+,
2.21 Ghrz, 2Gb RAM, NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600 GTS

(If I get 4 processor PC -will it help considerably?) Thnaks for advise in advance. Tired of waiting for 6hours each day.

Thanks again :smiley:

Go here:

get the benchmark .blend file and see how you stack up to other system specs. Also you are in the wrong forum section :S

Thanks alot You gave very interesting link, I did the rendering and it ppeared that all people who had same processor had same rendering time. So I think I go buy a new Pc finally :smiley: Thanks alot now I got teh confidence!!! :smiley: