PC freezing when CUDA rendering on CPU (fx8350 and sabertooth fx990 r2.0


So my problem is: PC freezing when I render inside blender and I got these components for blender to perform better.


-Asus SABERTOOTH fx990 r2.0 (came with latest bios)

-fx 8350

-(old) GTX 660

-HyperX Fury 16GB 1866 MHz

530w PSU

Left in bios to defaults, sets ram to 1066MHZ and goes to 4.4Ghz on processor. I’ve set it to 4Ghz and 1600Mhz respectively with 1.55v on RAM and 1.375v proc. still as soon as rendering starts, maybe 10 seconds in PC freezes. Tried different versions of blender too. Latest drivers also installed.

Running Prime95 causes no crashes but CPU goes to 75° so I didnt go beyond 20 minutes of stress testing. CPU in blender is around 50°

Any help appreciated.

CUDA is a proprietary NVidia technology for GPU rendering - therefore it is not used at all when rendering on the CPU.
That temps are much too high: 50°C in (more or less) idle and 75°C under load? The core temperature for the 8350 should afaik stay below 63 - 65°C max to avoid damage.

With my 8350 (overclocked to 4.6 GHz) I’m around 30°C in idle and about 56°C after several hours of rendering…

So, you might want to check your cooling solution. That’s not the stock (boxed) fan, is it?

In my case something similar happens with my fx 8120.
But temperature is not as I have a liquid cooling system cpu temp. round in the 34 -55 C °.
Nor is it for lack of ram or disk problems and I own both and SSD hard disk. Actually it is not ?.
But my gpu died for vram problems.
I think it might be Windows, Windows 8.1 in my case.