PC Linux :How n00bies make custom LiveCD's

I just installed the Minime version of PC Linux!

What a nice Distro!!!
Pc linux is a realy stripped down, and optimized mandrake/mandriva spin-off.
Unlike Debain spin-off distros (includeing Ubuntu) , you can use .RPM for installing software

everything went very smoothly, All my hardware was auto detected and configured for me.

To get the proprietary Nvidia HW 3D drivers where a snap too, you can just use synaptic.

They also have improved the mkliveCD script to include re-mastering Live DVD’s as well as Live CD’s.

Like most Live CD’s PC Linux can be loaded completely into your system RAM. The only diffrence is that PC linux has optimized everything for this mode!! everything works Verry fast.(if you have lots of RAM).
This is IDEAL for data recovery, especially for systems with only 1 cd-r/rw drive, it will free it up so you can burn backups!
Right out of the box you get the ability to read your Windows NTFS partition, so if windows ever fails, you can pop in and grab your important data, and Burn to a cd/DVD!

the full minime install is around 500megs… this leaves you 1 and 1/2 gigabytes to fill with your favorite applications. If you keep your Hard drive install under 2 gigabytes you can make a live CD to back up everything. (under 6 for a live DVD)
(hint: don’t install the HW accelerated drivers if you plan on using the live CD at cybercafe, or distribute it to your friends.
Blender will run without HW accelerated drivers in some cases. Be sure to include the linux Static version as well as the dynamic version… this way you are sure not to be without blender!

I recommend this distro to ANYONE! it is very simple and easy to understand, fast, and lots of cool applications!! what is not in the packaging system can be installed Via RPM in most cases.
And like Ubuntu, all you need is 1 package (that links to about 25 other packages) to compile things… they make this really easy on the non-programmer.
This Distro is VMware friendly too, you can run live CD mode directly from the ISO, from a live CD, or a Hard drive install.

If you are shopping for a distro, you might want to grab this tiny(200-300meg!) ISO for an evaluation. the live CD mode is very impressive.

Well, that is about it for now…