PC shut down when F12 on Eevee

Hello all,

I got a weird issue to solve, hope someone here will have a clue on what’s going on.
First thing first, my specs :

Asus Prime B350 plus (bios up to date)
Ryzen 7 3700x
16go ram
SSD samsung 2 to
RTX 2070 super
Lepa B700M (7OOW)
Fractal Meshify C

For a year now i struggle with Blender 2.8 and above on Windows 10. When i updated my pc last year i worked slowly on Blender with my old set up, but i least i worked.
Since then i stopped counting blender crashes. At least 20 a day.
I tried everyhting, check every drivers, tested at least 10 different nvidia drivers (ddu power)… At this point i was sure that my brand new RTX was the problem. Nothing worked.
Until i installed Linux Mint on the exact same pc and then, not a crash. Unbelievable. I stayed on linux a few months.
I reinstalled windows a few weeks ago because i wanted to give a try to Quixel mixer. I installed Blender 2.9ish and just did some basic modeling for a few day. Then i installed Mixer, load an object, and my pc shut down. From this moment on i couldn’t render with Eevee neither. I perfomed some stress test on my cpu, gpu, psu, everthing run fine except when it comes to 3D test → pc shut down. I plugged again my little linux mint ssd and everything run smooth.
I really don’t understand what’s happening so i come here in hope that someone may have an idea.
Thanks for reading me and for your help,


ps: one last thing when my troubleshooting started with Blender i didn’t even have a crash log available…

One thing you didn’t list is the power supply. It’s possible that the system during the render was trying to pull too much power and the PSU(Power Supply Unit) tripped a protection and shut the system down.

Another possibility is that there isn’t enough airflow in your PC case and the GPU was perhaps overheating, however that would likely just cause the GPU to throttle it’s clocks so I doubt it’s this.

As for linux, the linux GPU driver might not stress the GPU as much and as such cause lower power drain.

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Hey Felix_Kutt,

Thx for taking the time ! You’re right i forgot to mention that. I 've just edited my first post. Turns out my psu is 700w so i’m pretty sure i was good with it.
I too think about the linux driver being less power consuming, but if it was that i’m surprise not havong heard about other people facing this situation.
regarding the Airflow my pc is built in a Fractal Meshify C… I kept the stock fans, maybe that is not enough. I got to confess that i’m pretty ignorant when it comes to airflow…
Thanx again !!

Any application should never be able to “shut the computer down.” I think you need to take that computer to a competent shop for very thorough diagnostics. The instability that you are experiencing simply must somehow be hardware-related.

Hi Choulou,

Have you been monitoring Win 10 using either temp monitoring software and Task Manager? Win uses more memory so perhaps you are running out or overheating. Best to keep an eye on these things.

Useful Temp Software:

To check your drivers (this has saved me allot of time troubleshooting and downloading drivers):

If there’s any crash info this might help and point you in the right direction:

To make sure your PSU is supplying adequate power here’s another useful link:

Other tips (VRAM, other software, etc… ) here: Blender Randomly closing

Good luck.

Sundialsvc, thanks. If I can’t figure it myself that’s the next step.

@pxlpaul, thanks a lot for all these informations. I actually used hwinfo but as far as i know these things (and it’s not very far ^^) it seemed too me that it was ok.
I’m gonna check the others soft you mentioned. I’m definitely gonna check on driver-booster as i’m pretty sure that’s the direction. I can’t figure why the exact same set up run smooth under Linux but not under Windows…
I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks a lot for taking the time, much appreciated !

Hello @pxlpaul

You’re a life saver. You and Driver Booster. I downloaded it this morning (took the pro version as the free one is limited to 2 drivers update a day) and these were the best 15 euros i spent this year. Found 21 drivers outdated (!!!) and fixed it. I then run a 3d test with occt which yesterday led to an immediate shut down of my pc, but not this time ! I performed a 5 mn 3d test before stopping it and try an Eevee render which worked too !!
It’s beyond me how i didn’t found a faulty driver. I was sure that i checked and install everything.

I can’t thank you enough, you have no idea how my pc bumped me this whole year after costing me so much money.

I don’t know which was the exact driver leading to these crashes but i’m so happy it’s gone !

Thanks again,



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Hi Choulou,

I’m happy it worked out. Troubleshooting drivers the traditional way is a major pain but Driver Booster makes it much much easier. It’s nice having a stable machine. Happy blending!

I’m less concerned with the Wattage of the PSU and more with the 12V rails Amperage. Notice there are 12v rails listed with each having it’s own amperage:


| +12V | 58A | 696W |

Lepa only gives a combined amperage, we don’t really know how many rails that might be divided between tho. Seems reasonable but how much am I actually willing to trust Lepa as a brand? That’s another question.

edit: product page claims and I quote: “Powerful single +12V rail output offers great compatibility with heavy-duty graphics cards”

So hopefully that is fine then.

@Felix_Kutt Thanks a lot for doing these researches :slight_smile: I take your words and hope my psu will be fine !