PC specs for Blender (Help needed)

Hey guys, what’s up? :smiley:
I am new here, so I have a question related to the performance of Blender…or the PC in general.

I am getting a new PC soon. And here are the specs:

  • processor: AMD FX-8120 ( 8 cores 3.2 ghz)
  • motherboard: Asus M5A87l-M LX3
  • memory: Kingston HyperX 2x8GB 1600mhz
  • graphic card: Gigabyte GTX650 OC 2gb ddr5

Is this good for Blender? Do you recommend something else? :slight_smile:

hi please dont take my word for it as i simply do not have the experiance to be sure but i would say that you should
consider changing your motherboard and cpu and go with an intel combo on paper the cpu you have hosen certainly
looks impressive but benchmark after benchmark reveals its not that great i may betotally wrong however

As someone who actually uses them, I can tell you that the AMD processors are great. However, get the 8350 instead of the 8120. It gives a significant boost while costing very little more and will fit in the same motherboard.

The RAM looks fine but I would try to get a GTX 660 at least (or at least a GPU with 3GB onboard) if you are looking to do GPU accelerated renders.